SEO and Content Writing

No matter how much time and effort you put into making the perfect web site, it’s not done until it’s been optimized for search engines. We know search engines. We know the requirements and we understand the details required to move your site up in the rankings. Our experience, knowledge and vigilance will not only get your site noticed, but keep it noticed.

Being competitive in the search engine rankings requires meaningful, engaging and compelling content that captivates your visitors, and does it in a way designed for search engines as well.

We start with comprehensive research to understand your business goals, and to understand your competition (an often neglected piece). We then develop a strategy for not just getting your site found online, but one that will bring you increased business. From laying the foundation for high search engine visibility, to transforming casual visitors into loyal customers, our SEO and content development lays a solid foundation for getting you results you want and a positive return on your investment.

Technical SEO Expertise

You want to be found online. You need to rank high with the search engines. In order to rank high, you need finely crafted, original content that is perfectly married to expert SEO execution. We are dedicated to getting outstanding results for our customers. Many of our clients now rank prominently in Google and the other major search engines. We have intimate knowledge of Google’s on-site structural requirements for on and off-site search engine optimization.

  • We structure your website with every component Google expects to see, as well as a diverse variety of keyword phrases that are required for a high ranking
  • We will do whatever is necessary to help you succeed online

With its “Panda” Artificial Intelligence Algorithm, Google’s search engine optimization requirements are always evolving. Yesterday's SEO, using keyword stuffing and random backlinking, now hurts your search engine visibility. It's as important to understand what not to do as what to do in the changing landscape that is SEO. We will implement a foundation you can stake your online success on for years to come.

Beyond SEO

Solid SEO will bring you visitors. The feel and content of your site will keep them there. We do this with emotionally engaging content that is persuasive, well-refined and communicates your vision.

  • We can either work with your in-house technical team in a copywriting, editing and proofreading, or we can develop custom content for you from the ground up.
  • We do not use syndicated content; our experts compose original material.

Our content writing services firmly place your company head-and-shoulders above your industry’s competition by impressing Google and your customers. From individualized goal assessments to measurable results and every phase in between, we take the words right out of your mouth and translate them to long-term online business success.

San Diego Web Developers

In today’s ultra competitive online business landscape, there is too much at stake to trust a company that doesn’t know what it takes to separate you from the competition. Founded in 2012, TechAround is a proud dedicated team of professional San Diego web developers committed to your online business success. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.