Digital Marketing Agency in San Diego

Successful marketing is measured by monetary income and information flow. As a digital marketing agency in San Diego committed to getting results, our job is to ensure the time and money you spend on digital marketing generates a tangible, stable return on your investment.

We will work with you to develop an innovative, measurable and effective strategy that bolsters your business presence. We can help you reach potential customers wherever they are; online, in print or in person. Our goal is to bring the right customers to your doorstep virtually and/or physically speaking.

Digital Marketing Agency Services

TechAround’s digital marketing agency services are designed to be as diverse as your individual advertising needs. Our dedicated team of marketing specialists work on your behalf to get you the right visitors, leads, sales, subscriptions, downloads or registrations. Some of our most popular digital marketing agency services include:

  • Retargeting/Remarketing to recover and funnel lost leads back to you
  • Google AdWords & AdSense pay-per-click campaigns and consultations
  • Email campaigns to engage and persuade current and potential customers
  • Drip campaigns that strategically automate
  • Social media management for Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and other platforms
  • Flash-free animated banners ads including full-screen animations for use on all ad networks

Professional Search Engine Marketing Services (SEM)

Despite many companies’ deliberate attempts to lump both approaches into one general category, search engine marketing (SEM) is not the same as search engine optimization (SEO). Our SEO specialists are experts at laying the solid on-site structural foundation for your website to be indexed and prominently recommended by Google. Once they do their job, our professional search engine marketing services are the perfect way to start funneling high quality visitor traffic your way.

Our professional search engine marketing services team works with you to develop a custom strategy that takes your target demographics’ habits and behaviors into account. This helps us determine the most efficient path to search engine success based on your industry’s specific nuances, as well as the general psychological needs of your potential customers. The combination of structurally sound on-site SEO and ongoing SEM effectively bolsters your case to Google as to why you deserve to be featured prominently in the search engine rankings!

Internet Marketing Company in San Diego

In today’s ultra competitive online business landscape, you can’t afford to place your trust in a company without proven digital business marketing solutions for getting you reliable results. Founded in 2012, TechAround is proud to be an internet marketing company in San Diego dedicated to helping you achieve sustained online business success. Contact us today to discuss your needs, and to learn more about how can help you reach your goals.

Digital Marketing and SEM Services

TechAround’s SEM and digital marketing services funnel the right customers right to your virtual and/or physical doorstep. Our experts employ effective strategies to capture online or in-person traffic and generate a tangible, measurable return on your investment.